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Attestation on a Certificate for Iran is the act of witnessing a Certificate by authorised person / persons / Departments / authorities of Iran and all other Countries in the World with their official seal and signature. Thisattestation on certificates confirms that a specified certificate had been issued by the University and Seal and signature on that particular Certificate is genuine. Attestation is the evidence by which Certificate is attested or an indication that makes it evident or proof. Legalisation or Authentication or Attestation for Iran is a process, which has to be completed in an Original Certificate or document or a copy of it (rare cases) for the use of it in Iran.Attestation or authentication is the true and accurate representation of the facts or the authenticity of a certificate.Attestation for Iran means - The action of bearing the witness to affirm to be correct, true or genuine. AttestationService is a consulting service that providing services to the public for Iran attestation on certificates. Attestationreport is a report which expresses a conclusion about the reliability of a specified certificate.

Attestation on Certificates for Iran is needed for applying a Resident Visa. Attestation on Certificate needed forChanging the Sponsorship or Changing the Employemnt Visa. Attestation required for changing the profession and Transferring a Job. Attestation needed for changing the designation and Applying for a Family visa. Attestationrequired for applying visa for parents. Attestation asking for applying a school admission in Iran, Attestationneeded to apply for a PCC from Iran. Attestation or Legalisation needed to get a job visa from Iran. Attestationneeded for changing the designation for family status in Iran. Attestation required for changing the designation to get a higher salary. Attestation needed for Adding the name of spouse in the Passport from Iran. Attestationrequired for applying the medical benefits, Attestation required for change of visa status in abroad. Attestationrequired for Attending an interview and writing exams for Iran. Attestation required for Attending the tests or attending MOH Exams in Iran. Attestation required for getting medical allowances. Attestation required forregistering the marriage in Iran. Attestation required for registering a birth in Iran. Attestation required for giving a power of attorney from Iran. Attestation required for giving an authorisation. Attestation required for getting the death benefits from Iran. Attestation required for applying a spouse visa to Iran. Attestation required for applying a passport through a single parent etc.
Purposes of Educational attestation
1.To obtain an employment visa/ labour card in Iran for most of the designation
2.To pursue higher education in a foreign country
3.To write MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, etc.
4.To get the equivalent certificates
Purposes of non educational attestation
1. To obtain residence visa for wife, children, in-laws
2. For the admission of child in the school (via Transfer Certificate)
3. Power of Attorney
   a.To get the right to sell properties in India
   b.For the removal of LLC partnership provided partner in India does not wish to extend the partnership
4.To get the experience certificate attested (required by doctors, nurses, pharmacist, lab technician etc to write the MOH and DO

Attestation procedure as follows

The attestation procedure and duration varies from time to time depending upon the rules as assigned in India.
Type 1
1. Notary (Maharashtra)
2. Home Department (Maharashtra)
3. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
4. Iran Embassy (New Delhi)
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (locally from Iran)
Type 2
1. Home Department (Concerned State)
2. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
3. Iran Embassy (New Delhi)
4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (locally from Iran) 
Type 3
1. Home Department (Concerned State)
2. Iran Consulate (Maharastra)
3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (locally from Iran) 
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